Facing the longest night. Together.

Run or walk with us on the longest night of the year, December 21-22.

Tuesday, December 21 is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, with 16 hours of darkness. In southern Manitoba that means 16 hours of darkness, from sunset to sunrise on the 22nd.

This is a night where we experience darkness. Grief. Loneliness. Anxiety. Weariness. We think of friends and family who are suffering. We think of the dark, lonely places in our own lives.
And, together, we will move forward through the darkness.

Choose to walk or run. Alone, or with friends or family. Sign up for a one-hour slot, or two, or more. Run the whole night if you like.


This is a virtual relay, you can participate from anywhere. Participate on your own, or invite friends to gather in your town to run through the darkness together, even for one hour. Sign up and let us know where you’ll be participating from! 
As an overnight, winter challenge, please consider your safety as your head out. We recommend you run with a friend, wear reflective clothing, and dress appropriately for the temperatures. Be smart. Also, please respect any COVID protocols in your area.

Participating in Steinbach? We have some special things cooked up for you, check out details here.

Supporting those who are suffering.

The Longest Night Run began in 2018 as a show of solidarity to our friend and her family as they walked a cancer journey.

This year, the event carries on as a memorial to Ashleigh’s life. To honour her work as a counselor with a concern for mental health and love for our community, this year we will run for mental health and wellness in our community.

Eden Health Care offers mental health services in Steinbach and southern Manitoba. We’re excited to support their growing work in our community, and encourage participants and community members to donate to support their work.

Learn more about Eden Health’s services in Steinbach.


Is there an entry fee?

Participation is free, but donations are encouraged. All proceeds going directly to Eden Health Care Services.

Where is this taking place?

This is a virtual run, so you can run (outside) wherever you like. Feel free to organize a meeting place for your running group (as COVID protocols allow) or family to run together for your scheduled time.

I don’t run, can I still participate?

Yes! Feel free to run, walk, ski, or tricycle. There is no minimum distance you need to cover.

Can I run for more than one hour?

You’re welcome to sign up for as many slots as you like. If you’re up for it, run the whole 16 hours!

Do I have to run or walk for my whole hour-long slot?

Don’t worry if your run is not precisely 60 minutes. The goal of the relay is symbolic solidarity.

How are donations be used?

Eden Health Care has several initiatives to provide more mental health services in Steinbach. More information to come.

Do you need volunteers?

If you would like to help out with spreading the word or supporting participants, please email us at hello@longestnightrun.com.